About us

We are a wellness and Health-Conscious Company based in East-Africa, we aspire to bring a smile on every human face, a happy family and couple harmony is what keep us going.

Our Main job is to market and campaign for the best of the best of family care and well-being products which we believe to fulfil our vision and Mission.

Our products are available in pharmacies, Drug stores and Dietetic shops across East-Africa and are retailed by our trusted network of partners to facilitate and serve our day to day community of users.



To be the most family-centric company, where our community network of customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy to keep them healthy and well at the lowest posible prices.

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Normally Kopivitamin is an aphrodisiac and stimulant-bio dietetic coffee , used against erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations and frugidity. It greatly increases Male and female sexual functions, increases the secretion of testosterone to the optimal level and also protects the prostate !
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KOPI VITAMIN (Kinyarwanda)

Kopi Vitamin ni inyunganiramirire (food supplement) ikozwe mu bimera 6 bizwi kuva kera cyane mu burasirazuba bwo hagati,ikaba yaravuye kandi ifasha amamiliyoni y'abantu...



Siku kwa siku huwa husikilika jamii zinazovunjika ,na si kwa sababu zimekosa mali au liziki ,ila kuna tatizo kubwa kua mtu mumoja baina yao ana tatizo ...



Imagine to have found again sexual life you've always deserved just by giving your body the only secret that will make your partner hungry for you. This is what we call natural power.


Découvrez la puissance de KOPIVITAMIN

Imaginez d’avoir retrouvé la vie sexuelle que vous avez toujours méritée juste en donnant à votre corps le seul secret qui rendra votre partenaire affamé de vous. Cela est ce que nous appelons la puissance au naturel.