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KOPIVITAMIN is an aphrodisiac and stimulant-bio dietetic coffee ,is used against erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations and frugidity. It greatly increases Male and female sexual functions, increase the secretion of testosterone to the optimal level and also protects the prostate !

KOPIVITAMIN’s prime objective is to nourish the body and fortify the male sexual function by supporting health and creating energy ,it also improves the body’s immune system. This supplement is formulated to promote better blood circulation by identifying the
pituitary-sexual organ axis. In addition, it treats blood flow towards the male sexual organ, thereby strengthening the quality of erections. This mechanism works by the activation of serum super oxide dismutase (SOD) which facilitates the hemoglobin transportation of oxygen and helps renal clearance of toxic substances, additionally improving the immune system and also contributing towards slowing down the body’s ageing process.

1.Reduce Stress

2.Increase Energy

3.Strengthen Physical Fitness and Ability

4.Restores Energy

5.Increase Libido



8.Stronger Erections

Tongkat Ali, Guarana, Maca, Stevia, Cafe et Matieres non Laitieres Acremees/Tongkat Ali, Coffee, Non-diary matter  cream (dairy protein)
Not recommended for children, pregnant women and patients with advanced heart problems. Alcohol is not recommended as it reduces the effectiveness of the product.
1 satchet every 1 or 2 days, dilute it in half a cup of 100ml of hot water.


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